AE Credit Card

American Eagle Outfitter has their regular and Visa card logo options that are available for their AE Credit Card. The regular version will only give you access to buying things within their store locations while the Visa AE Credit Card will of course allow you to use it wherever the Visa logo is accepted. We want to check out these two cards in this article just to give you an idea on them as you decide whether you will like them or not.

The American Eagle or AE Credit Card will help you to be able to get rebates at all of their participating websites for their store. Also, you will be able to get 1% of additional savings on all of your other your regular purchases whenever you are using the Visa version of the AE Credit Card. All of the new cardholders are also getting as a welcome gift their 15% off for their very first purchase with their AE Credit Card. For everyone who has an AE Credit Card of any kind, there is 20% that you are able to save for your birthday which is generally sent to you in either a coupon or gift card type. We also want to mention the four savings events that are held in the year that are only held for the people who have the AE Credit Card.

After getting accepted for the AE Credit Card you are automatically placed into their AE Rewards Program which is the program that brings all of your rewards and savings to you because of your use of your AE Credit Card. Check out their charts on the site to see what the current points and rewards are in order to know where you would fall according to your lifestyle and amount of purchases you would have with your AE Credit Card. With them having such a nice store, nice layout of their merchandise and then the great deals that are very easy to find, there is no surprise that more people who walk into their stores fall in love with the ease of which they can find such great things. This just goes to prove that it's not all about the great deals sometimes. The biggest thing for a lot of consumers these days is not wanting to feel like walking through the store is difficult when it comes to finding things on their own.

When you get approved for the AE Credit Card things will definitely turn around for you because you will be able to get even more access to the deals because of the exclusive deals you are given. When it comes to the four events that are held each year, one of them is bound to occur around either the time of your birthday or a time when you have accumulated some other points and/or rewards to use with that sales day. So things just get better and better the longer you are a cardholder of the AE Credit Card as they should do for people who are holding any type of merchandising card.